Suck is one horror films that will have people sitting firmly on the fence; some will love it and some will hate it. The premise is very straight-forward, as the guitarist of a failing rock band is seduced, and bitten by a vampire.

From here the band is transformed, with Jennifer the said guitarist becoming the focal point of their music, which poses the questions to the rest of the band; do they want to be like her?

It’s the age old morality tale of vampirism, with the spin of the other side of rock n roll thrown. Cameos from Alice Cooper (as a barman), Moby and even Iggy Pop, will produce some wry smiles, as they ham it up with some clever lines and minorly amusing characters.

For the gore fans, there is also some creative kills with suck given a whole new meaning with a drinking straw, Hugo the hilarious roadie who shines as the dog’s body of the now successful band.

This isn’t that straight forward though, as Eddie the vampire hunter (played admirably by Malcolm McDowell) is introduced, and he runs into the band by chance, and follows them believing they can lead him to the queen vampire who he has an old score to settle with.

Suck is quite simply a fun little film, its clever and witty in parts as well as gory, and if you don’t take it too seriously you will enjoy it.


One thought on “FILM REVIEW: Suck

  1. I think you hit the nail on the head with this one. What was a pleasant surprise for me was that it had the feel of a comedy that could have existed on its own with a similar theme, but nothing horrific, yet could also have been a straight horror film if you removed the comedy. It had some great elements that were symbiotic but not exclusively dependent on one another. Good review.

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