Hostel III is the first instalment in the series without Director Eli Roth in command, but this does not stop it being a worthwhile entry.

Whereas the first two films were combined by a rolling storyline, the third brings the human cattle market (of sorts) to the bright lights on Sin City; Las Vegas, Nevada.

It is here that a group of four men on a bachelor party come to be embroiled in the most sadistic show in town.

Like the previous two films there are moments that will make you squirm, and many twists and turns which weren’t present before. It is very much a safety first sequel, but by adding the Vegas setting it allows the characters to play out a very dark and savage plotline.

The characters themselves are fleshed out quite well, with groom-to-be Scott (Brian Hallisay) proving quite likeable; and best friend Carter proving elusive and mysterious, whilst attempting to be the life and soul of the party.

One of the best scenes includes a fight between two men, which takes place in front of the watching audience (baying for blood may I add) and a chainsaw. What’s not to like?

Overall Hostel III is an enjoyable enough ride, and takes the series in a different direction and allows for further scope if they wish to add a fourth film and beyond.


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