American Horror Story – My New Favourite TV Show

I suppose the title was a dead giveaway (no pun intended), that I would like this show.

Having been recommended American Horror Story a while back,  and watched a couple of promos I did watch the pilot episode. Whilst I found it unsettling and creepy, I was still a big skeptical of where it might go.

The answer was; straight to hell.

In a good way of course, as after a couple of slow burning episodes to set the scene and introduce the Harmon family and their neighbours Constance and her daughter Adelaide.

The show suddenly is spun on its head, and the house that the family are living in seems to engulf them in its own twisted world, and many dark secrets. I don’t really want to give much away, as I recommend if you haven’t seen it already that you gage your own opinions on it.

Usually when an actor or actress receives major hype for a role you expect a bit less after your expectations are increased; but Jessica Lange’s turn as Constance is truly wicked. She is slick, imposing and sometimes utterly chilling.

The weird thing is, that I still have six episodes to watch before completing series one, so god only knows what I will be writing come the season finale.

Here’s a trailer to hopefully wet your appetite:

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