FILM REVIEW: The Muppets


If ever there was a franchise crying out for a dust off and another chance at the big time; it was the Muppets.

In this nostalgia-friendly age we live in, Kermit and co. have nestled back into popular culture as if they have never been away.

After the parody trailers and wonderful marketing campaigns, there was a fear that the film would fail to deliver and seem too-retrospective but luckily this is not the case.

This is the all-singing, all dancing Muppets, that children of the eighties (myself included) adored, and children of this generation; will come to love.

The story is just a fun-filled, musical interlude-packed journey of returning to former glories. The Muppets like an aging rock band have long since been forgotten, and are set to lose their studio to an evil tyrant hell-bent on knocking it down.

Enter Walter, a muppet obsessed boy (who resembles a muppet himself….), along with his brother Gary and his girlfriend Mary, who set off on a mission to get the gang back together for one last show that could save the studio.

There is cameos galore with Jack Black (Animal’s anger management partner), Dave Grohl (part of a pseudo Muppets band, the Moopets) and Neil Patrick Harris chipping in throughout.

The real strength of the film lies in its ability to clever, funny and self referential. The Muppets are yesterday’s news, and don’t they know it!

This of course makes their quest for another 15 minutes of fame even more endearing.

So get your ticket now, and join the Muppets of 2012, it’s like they’ve never been away.


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