Haye Vs. Chisora; I’d pay to see that!

In the aftermath of last night’s WBC Heavyweight title fight between Dereck Chisora and Vitali Klitschko; has come a very unlikely yet logical ‘Battle of Britain’.

At the post fight press conference Chisora was allegedly bottled by former WBA Heavyweight champion David Haye. The retired fighter also managed to hit his own Manager Adam Booth with a tripod.

Haye was there as a pundit for BoxNation who were screening the fight; and what is definitely clear is that the night quickly became all about him. Earlier in the night he was told to leave the arena in Munich by K2’s Bernt Boende, and what he was doing at the press conference only he knows.

Both are probably looking at hefty fines; added to Chisora’s other fine for slapping Vitali at the weigh in on Friday, and possibly for spitting water in Wladimir’s face before the fight started.

Looking at it from a promotion point of view though; the fight between the two would be a very easy sell and would definitely catch the general public’s attention. One thing is for sure; it will be all over the back pages tomorrow, and we will all be talking about it this week.

Controversy sells; and a fight between ‘bad boy’ Chisora and shamed former Champion Haye would do great business; especially if staged in London.

Chisora has also posted on his Twitter feed today that he would take the fight; with German police still trying to locate Haye and Booth for questioning.

Skill wise it would be an intriguing contest too; as Haye is fast and carries power whereas Chisora showed he is definitely in the World Class bracket with his performance against Vitali last night and has a great chin.

Barring his fight with Wladimir last summer, it would be Haye’s first real test at Heavyweight against a skilled operator.

As the title suggests; I would buy into the fight and I’m a lot of other fight fans would like to see it too. Over to you Frank…..

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