Povetkin Proves He’s Not Ready For A Klitschko

The most reverberated comment coming from Alexander Povetkin’s decision victory over Marco Huck; is that he is not ready to step into the the ring with either Klitschko brother.
The WBA champion did enough to see off Marco Huck, but had to survive some uncomfortable exchanges throughout against the gutsy challenger making his heavyweight bow.
Most alarming for the Russian, will be the ease in which Huck (who usually operates at Cruiserweight) was able to tag him.
Huck knew as the naturally smaller man he had to pressurise the Champion from the first bell, and for the first four rounds he gave as good as he got. Povetkin’s attack were a lot more technical, showing good hand speed he was able to clip Huck without looking like wobbling him.
One shot also employed by Povetkin frequently, was the uppercut; something he will need to employ if he got in range frequently against Wladimir or Vitali in a future bout.
In my opinion you can’t fight in straight lines against a Klitschko, the key to unsettling them is putting variety into your shots and keep them guessing.
As the fight went on the 32 year old Povetkin took charge, with Huck showing desire but lacking the quality to have Povetkin consistently in trouble.
It was the age old battle of the boxer and against the puncher.
This was until the final round when a wide open Povetkin was caught right on the chin by a monstrous right hand by Huck, but took it well. He looked disorganised at times, at very easy to hit, and against ‘super heavyweights’ like the Klitschko’s these mistakes could prove very costly.
Huck has always shown he is heavy handed at Cruiserweight, and certainly showed he has the power to mix it at Heavyweight.
After Dereck Chisora’s (who was at ringside in Germany coincidentally) gallant effort against Vitali Klitschko the week before, it’s very clear that there are entertaining heavyweight fights out there.
In the aftermath there will definitely be calls for a rematch (especially with one judge scoring the contest 114-114); but with Chisora in attendance there will be definitely be a case for the Brit to fight Povetkin (unless he is banned for a considerable amount of time).
Whether Chisora deserves it after his behaviour in questionable, but the same could be said for David Haye who could still get a shot at Vitali Klitschko.
Teddy Atlas has matched Povetkin well since his debut in 2005, a possible match up with European Champion Robert Helenius would be interesting to see how he deals with the bigger man.
What the past two weeks has shown, is that there may be life in the Heavyweight division yet.


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