FILM REVIEW: The Woman In Black

In his first post-Potter outing Daniel Radcliffe dives right into the horror genre; with this supernatural chiller.

Created by masters of horror from yesteryear Hammer; it tells the tale of a young widowed father sent to a small village in the North East of England to sort out legal paperwork for a recently deceased woman.

The ladies house is located on a small island, and can only be reached when the tide is out.

From the outset the mise en scene of this small town is very bleak. Shadows engulf almost every frame, even in broad daylight.

The townsfolk have good reason for their lack of smiles, as their children are being mysteriously killed, with a…you guessed it; woman in black seen at all the deaths.

After setting the scene within the first third of the film, Radcliffe’s Arthur Tibbs with the assistance of one of the locals Sam; go to set about ending the carnage in the town once and for all.

This of course makes for some intense scenes, with heavy reliance on jump scares.

Unfortunately this is one of the film’s downfalls, as the majority can be telegraphed, thus taking away a lot of the scare factor.

Radcliffe revels in a role away from Dumbledor; but there is very little support from characters simply not fleshed out enough to feel anything for.

Although it all comes to a sombre and conclusive finale, there is certainly a thought that this could have given us so much more.

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