REVIEW: Friday Night Lights Season 1

It’s always possible for a television show not to live up to hype; luckily this isn’t the case with Friday Night Lights.

Having read a very impressive article on the Digital Spy website, regarding the show I decided to buy the first series on impulse.

Although it is cliched, from the outside the show seems to centre around a high school American football side; the Dylan Panthers. But although they do have a major say in the storylines of the show; it is much more multi-layered than that.

The small town of Dylan relies on the Panthers; it is a way of life for the people of the town. Within this goldfish bowl environment though lies some young men and women with bigger problems than football.

After star player Jason Street is left paralysed within the first 45 minutes, you know the material you’re watching can go straight for the jugular whenever it chooses. The standard star player set for greatness fascade evaporates, and from here we follow his journey among others to learning and accepting disability.

We also Tim Riggins, the rogue, who does what he wants, when he wants, and seems dead set on the path to oblivion. Brian ‘Smash’ Williams, the outspoken jock who dreams of the NFL, and will do anything to get there.

Then there is Matt Saracen, the quiet, reserved young man, just happy to be part of the squad, who is thrust into the limelight in the wake of Street’s injury.

I could run through many more characters, but the best way to learn about them is to watch the show, as I could wax lyrical about them for another 200 words, and we don’t want that.

It’s also a beautifully shot show, with angles that really encapsulate the claustrophobia of this small town. The score by US band Explosions in the Sky is poignant, and really fits the mood of the scenes.

Friday Night Lights is not just about football, there’s just not enough space to tell you everything; so check it out as soon as you can, it doesn’t disappoint.


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