Prometheus Sets Blockbuster Benchmark

Late last year the internet almost went into meltdown, as the full trailer for The Dark Knight Rises; but somewhere in the shadows waiting, was what could prove to be ‘THE’ summer blockbuster.

Alien prequel Prometheus debuted its full trailer today, and has certainly set the bar on a lofty perch, with its teasing and intensive two and half minutes.

It’s not just this, that has set sci fi fans into overdrive; it’s the tease factor involved.

Surely Prometheus is the first ever film (correct me if I’m wrong) to have a teaser to an actual trailer. Ridley Scott clearly knows how to sell to the audience, having been here over 30 years before; it’s simple less is more.

Almost every frame of it, will be frozen and analysed from now until it’s release date in June.

The presence or lack of, of the Xenomorph species has also been a big talking point amongst fans, with the likelihood that they may feature in an early form, but we are unlikely to see the marauding beasts of the Alien franchise anytime soon.

Another gold star on Prometheus’ pre-screening report card, is its use of viral marketing, including some fantastic footage of the first android, from which Bishop (Lance Henrikson from the Alien franchise) will follow on from.

I’ve said enough, sit back and enjoy the trailer, and also some of the virals.


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