The Tyson Fury Enigma Continues……

As the dust settles; is it fair to say that Tyson Fury’s victory over Martin Rogan has posed more questions about him.

Fury finished Rogan in the fifth round with an excellent body shot, after previously dropping him in the third round with what could be considered his first meaningful assault in the fight.

The most surprising thing was Fury’s new southpaw stance from the outset, which it seems had tightened up his guard, and he looked a lot more relaxed in there.

As Rogan charged in and attempted to rough Fury up in the first couple of rounds, we all thought this was a disaster just waiting to happen; but how wrong we were.

Statistically it was fair to say Tyson was the favourite on paper, but Rogan very rarely obeys the form guide and loves a tear-up, the Belfast-born taxi driver knows no other way.

Having said this, when Rogan was in charge early on, Fury still felt the need to showboat to the crowd; which is something as his ascension up the ranks continues, that he must do away with. Boxing is a sport that requires excellent levels of concentration, and this is something he may learn the hard way.

On boxing ability though, the first left hook which dropped Rogan in the third, was a fantastic and well picked shot. Too often in the past we have seen Fury look like he swinging with no purpose at an opponent, but last night the shots were being picked and landing as intended.

Rogan appeared to be hurt by a body shot in fourth round, something which we have to commend Fury for; as heavyweight seldomly go to the body, even though if caught right are energy sapping shots.

He did glance to his corner briefly in the fifth after being caught by another to the midrift; before another one sent him to the canvas again. His corner did the honourable thing and waved it off, even though the Rogan was back on his feet quickly.

In the aftermath Promoter Mick Hennessey talked of European title shots; so it seems the potential fight with David Price is on the back burner for the forseeable future. Politics and TV deals will have a lot to do with that fight not happening anytime soon; although if Frank Maloney-promoted Price took the hit and went on Channel 5, the exposure and numbers could be huge.

I for one thought we wouldn’t learn that much about Fury from this fight, but once again the Manchester man has becoming a topical talking point in British boxing; which I’m sure was part of the plan all along.


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