FILM REVIEW: The Cabin In The Woods

So let’s cut to the chase; The Cabin In The Woods is not like any horror film I’ve ever seen before, but at the same time it is like so many horror films gone before.

It’s clever winks and nods to the hierarchy of the genre are there for all to see in parts, but spliced together to make quite an original piece.

The premise to begin with is nothing new; five college kids going to stay at…you guessed a cabin in the woods. It’s what happens in the cabins, which becomes of greater concern though.

I hate to sound completely coy about the plot of the film, but in this case it really a film you have to see spoiler-free.

We do have moments of comedy, but also scenes of sheer brutality (which are plainly obvious when laid out on screen).

The biggest mistakes of horror films of the past, is that the plot can be sussed within the first 2o minutes, but with Cabin… you are kept guessing until a completely, for a lack of a better word – bonkers last 20 minutes where no stone is left unturned.

When assessing the genre this year, we have no new Nightmares, Friday the 13ths, Halloweens or Hellraisers; so how else can you satisfy your horror lust…why not book a stay at the Cabin in the Woods, you won’t regret it……


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