FILM REVIEW: American Reunion

Sometimes with regards to nostalgia, it is better left well alone. In cinematic terms this is often the case, but occasional we do get the odd gem.

Luckily for fans of the original American Pie series (not the straight-to-video dirge) American Reunion, while not completely necessary; is a whole lot of fun.

American Pie when released in 1999, was seen as that generation’s answer to 80’s cult hit Porky’s, with its in-depth scope of the American teenage boy’s life in high school; and their desperation to lose their virginities before graduating.

As the story evolved it did become watered down and predictable, but with the whole cast back on board this feels like more of a sincere affair with plenty of laughs to boot.

Picking up 13 years from the original, Jim, Chris, Kevin and Finch are all set to attend their high school reunion; where a few faces from the past, good and bad will make an appearance.

As with the most successful moments of the series, Sean William Scott’s Stifler steals the show with his crude one liners and practical jokes.

Of course there’s Jim with his usual embarassing moments, as well as his dad who plays a more prominent role having become single after the death of his wife.

There’s also a whole lot of cameos from literally every character from American Pie, which will delight fans of the series.

I’m sure a lot of us would never want to attend a high school reunion, but if it’s as fun as American Reunion sign me up now!


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