FILM REVIEW: Texas Killing Fields

When looking at the synopsis for the Texas Killing Fields, it’s easy to see that this could have been a real gem. Sadly the plot is misleading and the feature lacks any remote pace to make it an intense thriller.

It tells the story of Mike (Sam Worthington) and Bryan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) as a Texas cop duo hunting a killer whose victims are turning up in an area known as ‘the killing fields’.

They are binary opposites in role and personality, with Mike more single-minded and ruthless straight up Cop, whereas Bryan is much more analytical in his role in Forensic in the force.

It has touches of the Zodiac killer, in the way that the killer begins to toy with them, with harassing phone calls as the body count ramps up. The attacks also start to creep into suburbia from the outback setting.

One of the best scenes and intense scenes of the entire film, shows a young girl who is attacked in her own home by a masked assailant, before he escapes. It plays out with little or no theme music, and the brutality on show is vivid, although the counter argument is that, this makes Texas Killing Fields a little wooden.

Lighting and colours for the small town are drained throughout, with the colour stripped from every scene as the killing spree continues.

Sadly the film goes completely off the rails in the finale, with the story thrown on its head. From being a straight up murder thriller, a bizarre twist makes the film quite confusing. It’s almost as if they ran out of story, and tagged an ending onto the script.

The Texas Killing Fields has a great concept, but ultimately it is poorly executed; which seems like the biggest crime of all.


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