FILM REVIEW: Adventureland

It’s safe to say that Adventureland will win no awards for originality, but despite seeing most of it before it has a charm that will melt your heart.

Set in 1987 James Brennan is just about to leave his hometown to go travelling with his friends before embarking on college. It’s the age old tale of the right of passage ‘lads holiday’ before they may go seperate ways into different worlds.

Unfortunately Brennan’s (as he’s referred to as) world comes crumbling down, when his supposedly mega-rich parents declare they are skint and that he must pay for his own college fees. He is forced to take a job at the only place that will have him; the local Adventureland theme park.

Here starts his actual right of passage, as he experiences the highs and lows of amusement park life, whilst falling for the charms of Emma (Kristen Stewart).

You would be hard pushed to say this film was actually made in the 80’s with everything wreaking of that period, right down the cheesy music and dodgy mustaches. Eisenberg is dazzling as Brennan, as he searches for meaning in a world that has seemingly caved in for him, and Stewart proving she can cut outside of those who dwell after dark (I’m trying hard to mention a certain teen-vampire franchise).

Conclusively Adventureland is warm, endearing and straight out of 1987; what more could you want?

One thought on “FILM REVIEW: Adventureland

  1. Hey Paul,

    Loved this movie, one of the only movies I can tolerate Kristin Stewart in actually. Anyways I’m new to the blogging world but I’d love to get some feedback from a fellow blogger on a movie review blog I just started. Here’s the URL if you want to check it out 🙂


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