FILM REVIEW: Return to Horror High

Alert! I have discovered an 80’s slasher with brains!

Although ‘Return to Horror High’ comes six years after the slasher boom of 1981, it fits right into the horror sub-genre, but also manages to take a gleeful swipe at its not so bright predecessors.

Following a massacre three months earlier for which the killer was never caught, a film crew have unwisely decided to make their exploitation slasher on location at Crippen High School. You can almost spell it all out from here….but wait. ‘Return…’ doesn’t fit the bill, becoming a film within a film, with us the viewers finding it hard to differentiate between the scenes of their film and ours.

Alex Rocco steals the show as loud mouth producer Harry Sleerik, who tells a few home truths about a genre that he says only needs ‘gore and tits’, including exploding breasts (seriously).

Are the people being knocked off, got good makeup on? or has the killer really come back the wreak havoc on Crippen High once more?

The fact that it keeps us guessing right up until the final frame, sets ‘Return to Horror High’ apart from some of its brainless fore fathers, and almost as a precursor to the Scream series; it has a good laugh at the genre in the process.

There’s even a cameo from a young George Clooney as a struggling actor; oh the irony!


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