FILM REVIEW: Fatal Beauty

The best way to describe Fatal Beauty; is as a Whoopi Goldberg vehicle.

Lest we forget that she was once upon a time in the eighties and early nineties, quite hot property in Hollywood.

Is the vehicle’s 0-60 impressive? not really. But it is an enjoyable ride which doesn’t take itself too seriously. Think of it as your cheap, reliable first car, that may not always start in the morning. but you shed a silent tear as it was towed away for the last time.

Anyways back to the actual film, as Goldberg plays an undercover cop whose mission is to rid the town of a drug known as fatal beauty.

As razor tongued Rita Rizzoli, who for the record drives a pink cadillac (it is 1987!), she takes no crap from no one. Think of her like a female Riggs (Mel Gibson’s character in Lethal Weapon), she is damaged and keeps people at arm’s length and knows how to use her fists and the trigger on her gun.

The action scenes are decent enough, include a stand-out punch up between Rita and a snotty upper class lady at a pool house, with brittle glass doors. With one liners galore, it’s your perfect guilty pleasure soft core eighties action film.

Unlike its peers Lethal Weapon, Die Hard and Beverly Hills Cop; Fatal Beauty is a stand alone piece which never tries to be more than it is. Although considering the trajectory of Whoopi’s descent into Hollywood’s bargain basement for eternity soon after, she may still be praying for the script of Fatal Beauty 2 to come through the post one day soon.


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