May I be totally blunt; The Raid is the best action film in a long time.

It ticks every box for the complete action thriller, including;

Loads of fight scenes, a likeable hero, guns, guns and a villain straight from the bowels of hell.

There’s no room for sentiment as we see Rama, leave his heavily pregnant wife to join his SWAT team whose mission is to take down gang leader Tama once for all. First though they have to negotiate 30 storey building, filled with his henchmen.

We are introduced to Tama in all his maniacal glory, as he takes the heads off (literally) of five men in his office, and of hearing of the impending raid he orders his disciples to ‘cure’ the building of the ‘disease’ and ‘cockroaches’. Let’s just say he doesn’t mince his words.

What puts ‘The Raid’ head and shoulders above all of the action films out there at the moment is the fight scenes. The intensity and pacing of all of them is truly breathtaking with some truly amazing martial arts and gun play on show.

It’s real blink and you’ll miss it action throughout.

Alongside Tama, is his right hand man the aptly titled ‘Mad Dog’ who proves a natural nemesis to Rama, with their confrontation proving to be the highlight of the entire piece.

If you’re after a full bloodied, non-stop action rollercoaster ride the Raid is the hottest ticket in town.


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