Who’s excited about Dredd?


A comic book adaptation film that seems to have quietly slipped under the radar, is the soon to be released Dredd 3D.

Karl Urban who starred previously in Lord of the Rings: Two Towers and Return of the King, takes on the mantle of playing Dredd, having previously been played in the poor 90’s first incarnation by Sylvester Stallone.

This clearly worked against the film, as it constantly weighed down by Stallone’s Hollywood status, whereas Urban can really make the character his own. With talk of two more films already in the pipeline, it will be interesting to see how much longevity this potential franchise has.

Early reviews from Comic Con and the like have been positive, and in many circles its plot has been compared to the fantastic action thriller The Raid.

The lack of publicity around the film may work to its advantages, as it simply wouldn’t have been able to compete with Avengers Assemble or The Dark Knight Rises, even with a might of marketing. The producers are clearly hoping word of mouth helps the film be a success, then possibly ramp up the promotion for the DVD sales.


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