Why Transformers 3 failed


After nine months I finally got round to watching Transformers: Dark of the Moon recently. Having watched it in 3D at the cinema last summer, and being given a headache by all the ‘action’ I decided it was time to see if it was the 3D or the film itself that gave me a sore head. Sadly, it was the film after all.

We were all hoping for redemption after the mess Michael Bay made of Revenge of the Fallen, but alas after a decent first half the film fails again at the basics and sacrifices it for action sequences.

Key characters are painfully underused, such as Megatron, Starscream and new villain Shockwave. When seen Megatron has become a lesser villain, going for the Michael Myers in Halloween 2 type look with his headscarf.

Then there’s Shockwave who is seen in two sequences with what can be best described as a giant snake-like ally.

The cheesy lines are back in abundance including ‘the world needs you now’ and ‘why do Decepticons always get the good sh*t’ etc.

When there is an opportunity to really showcase the devastation in Chicago, Bay also jumps the gun by cutting from the initial chaos to the takeover in full flow.

The characters that were given depth in the first Tranformers are seemingly replaced with faceless robots, with the main characters on both sides given less screen time then killed off in double quick time. Surely Hasbro knew there would be a fourth film, so by killing off more or less all of the Decepticons, extra marketing would be required for a new set of characters.

Oh and one final thing, what was with slobbering and bleedy robots?

Have expectations ever been lower for this series?


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