Where does Kevin Mitchell go now?

After the drama of last night’s ‘Battle of Britain’, the sky is the limit for victorious Ricky Burns, but what about Kevin Mitchell?

It seemed again that the red mist descended for Mitchell, like it did against Michael Katsidis; and he was simply out gunned where many felt he could thrive.

The left hook of Mitchell was seen as the key to his success in the fight, and although he caught the Scot clean in the first round, Burns stood up to it well and came back the rounds afterwards with more calculated assaults.

It’s the hardest thing in the sport for a boxer to be quoted in world class circles then be found wanting when the chips are down, which has now sadly been the case for Mitchell on two occasions. You can argue that against Katsidis, he wasn’t in the right frame of mind given his domestic troubles, but last night there could be no excuses.

The Londoner’s fight of the year with John Murray showed he can go into the trenches and prevail with victory, but the clever option may have been to try to outbox Burns rather than try to blast him out of there, which seemed to be the plan from the off.

Some fight fans are calling for a rematch with Murray, who hasn’t fought since an 11th round stoppage defeat to Brandon Rios, its definitely back to the drawing board for Kevin.

Whether he will mix it in the elite levels any time soon is debatable.

As someone who predicted Burns to stop Mitchell late on, I think the experience of fighting for nigh on 2 years at the top level has helped the Scot thrive and push on. He really is one of British boxing’s success stories for the 20 years, a humble man who lives the lifestyle, trains hard and is now reaping the rewards.

Fighters like Mitchell and Murray should surely take note.

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