Lords of Salem: Another Zombie style over substance journey?

Having watched the trailer for latest Rob Zombie feature ‘The Lords of Salem’, it struck me as another visually powerful performance, but left me begging the question; is it style over substance again?

Zombie’s entries in the Halloween series are visually superb, but are let down by plot holes and poor dialogue.

There is no doubt Zombie has talent, ‘The Devil’s Rejects’ was evidence of this, and ‘Lords…’ may put him on safer ground than working off someone’s else’s ideas.

His films are gritty and grounded in a kind of psychotic reality, something that made his Halloween films intriguing but ultimately flawed.

His use of powerful imagery can sometimes be his undoing (White horse from H2 anyone?) but it may find a welcome home in ‘Salem’.

The usual suspects are on board, including wife Sheri Moon Zombie. I will certainly approach it with an open mind, and hope to be proven wrong.

Watch the trailer below:


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