American Horror Story Back With A Bang!


After the release of the first season of American Horror Story a couple of weeks back, I couldn’t resist in watching the season 2 premiere, and safe to say the show hasn’t toned itself down.

Here the story takes place in an insane asylum in the 1960’s which cages the above beast ‘bloody face’ who looks to have taken over the role vacated by Rubber Man from season 1.

Most of the cast are back from season 1 including the excellent Jessica Lange, who really revels in the role as nun at the Asylum, with Dylan McDermott set to return in future episodes along with Zachary Quinto (one of the stars of the first season).

Also back is Evan Peters, as a young man committed to the asylum for crimes he believes he didn’t commit.

Much like the pilot episode, the first episode has posed many questions which we assume will be answered throughout the season. It’s certainly wer the appetite ahead of the supposedly Halloween-themed episode ‘Tricks and Treats’, below is the trailer for the second episode:


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