Star Wars Episode VII: Good News or Bad News?

Much like most of the internet, I have just heard about Disney’s $4 billion buyout of Lucas Film and if that wasn’t shocking enough they have green lit Star Wars Episode VII for a 2015 release.

I’m sure fans of the franchise will be jumping for joy with others worried that the legacy of the original trilogy will be further smeared by another sub standard entry (Attack of the Clones anyone?).

Given the hype that surrounded the 1999 release of The Phantom Menace, given the springboard of the internet and social media, expect many fan sites and blogs to have gone into meltdown by the time first teasers arrive in a couple of years.

The big question will be where does the story go, apparently Lucas always saw the franchise as a 9 part series, so will we now have a new trilogy to finally round it all off?

Given the backing of Disney, this franchise and its merchandise will again go skywards. Having met the social media co-ordinator for Disney UK a few months back, its safe to say they have the investment levels and ideas to really take the social media of Star Wars to new levels.

But what of the story? Darth Vader and the Emperor have perished, whereas Leia and Han live happy ever after, will there be another Sith or will the Emperor return somehow?

So many questions to answer, but could Star Wars be in safe hands?

What’s George Lucas’ take? Carrie Fisher? Hell, Mark Hamill?



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