Can Mark Wahlberg Make Transformers Good Again?

So after possibly the worst denial recent times, Mark Wahlberg has been announced as the star of Transformers 4.

But the question is can he get the series back on track?

Despite having all the ingredients to make it successful, the series has been in rapid decline since midway through ‘Revenge of the Fallen’.

The robots and the humans themselves became faceless, and thus the plots which have always been loose at best, have suffered since.

Now the questions begin though; what will be his role? Is he Shia Labeouf’s replacement?

It’s a strange choice for Wahlberg who has been part of major hits ‘The Departed’, ‘The Fighter’ and ‘Ted’, but surely money talks, and despite lukewarm reviews the series’ last two films grossed $750 million worldwide, which shows there is still interest in the franchise.

At this time we don’t know but these questions will surely be answered by Director Michael Bay in due course.

With the main Decepticons all slayed in the messy finale of ‘Dark of the Moon’, it looks almost certain we will see some new faces, but will they be characters already seen in the comics and animated series’ or will we have new faces for Hasbro to sell to death to kids?

So many questions, over to you Mr. Bay…..


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