Can Community Survive Without Chevy Chase?


It may not be surprising news, but it has been announced that Chevy Chase has left Community.

The NBC sitcom is set to debut its fourth season in February, with Chase having filmed the majority of the 13 episode run but his contract has been cancelled with immediate effect.

Community is one of the brightest American sitcoms to come along for a long time, with a great cast joining Chase such as Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Yvette Nicole Brown and Annie Brie.

It tells the story of a group thrust together from their diverse backgrounds into community college, and from here hilarity ensues.

Some of the episodes from the first 3 seasons are really ground breaking for a sitcom, including episodes including paintball tournaments, animations episodes and one where the character feature in an old school computer game.

After it was announced that the 4th run was reduced from 22 episodes to 13, it seemed the writing was on the wall for the show, and Chase’s departure may hasten its exit from screens.

If you haven’t seen the show yet, the first 2 seasons are well worth a purchase on DVD, forget 2 Broke Girls, New Girl etc. Community is where it’s at for now……


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