The Host 2 Emerges

Luckily I am not talking about anything to do with the author of the Twilight saga, rather the sequel to the Korean throwback monster feature The Host.

The first film directed by Joon-ho Bong tells the story of a mutant which emerges from the Han River to cause havocs in the city, and after it kidnaps his children Park Gang-Doo sets out on a mission to stop the beast and rescue his offspring.

It contained some of the finest CGI in recent times, but added depth to its story by setting it around a family and the turmoil the creature creates for them personally as well as the community as it goes on the rampage.

Much in the same vein as Jaws, and Chief Brody vendetta with ‘Bruce’, he takes the law into his own hands to rescue his family.

The sequel directed by Park Myeong-Chan is set to be released next year.

Here’s the clip, along with a behind the scenes look at the stunning sequence:


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