Is the world ready for more Twin Peaks?



So today quotes were issued by NBC’s President of Entertainment Jennifer Salke, denying that a third season of cult favourite Twin Peaks was in the offing any time soon.

Although there is no smoke without fire, it seems the ‘rumours’ have been fabricated by sources online, but in turn Salke did say that it wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world.

At its peak the show was ‘the’ must-see TV, and in my humble opinion, the first series is one of the finest of any television series of the past 30 years. It was bizarre, scary, funny and downright weird yet totally enthralling.

After the identity of Laura Palmer’s killer was revealed early on during the troublesome second series, the show struggled to regain its momentum which it seemed to during the final few episodes maybe knowing it was up for the chop.

It remains one of David Lynch’s finest achievements on screen, and it has to be said when he left the reins to others that they struggled to keep to the high standards set early on.

We have seen recently that by paying homage to the past you can bring old shows back, the best example being Dallas which although I am not a fan of has proved a ratings hit.

So many TV shows owe their existence in some small part to Twin Peaks, its cliffhanger endings became a staple of shows with many seeing it as a trailblazer to such series as The X Files, Lost and Fringe.

The potential is there, and giving the power of time, so will the audience. Given the success of the Twin Peaks festival in both the US and the UK, even a mini series would be welcomed maybe just to tie up some loose ends. Having said this, that was never Twin Peaks’ strength, this lay more in teasing answers to the audience and keeping you watching week in and week out.

For now out the Cherry Pie back in the freezer, but maybe just maybe we can defrost it some time soon.


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