Raptor Rapture! Jurassic Park 4 for 2014


The breaking news on Twitter tonight is that Jurassic Park 4 will be released in June 2014 unsurprisingly in 3D.

Given that the original 1993 classic is being re-released this Spring in 3D in cinemas, it makes perfect sense for Universal to reboot the franchise.

At this stage it just an announcement, but the betting from this blogger is that Isla Nubla (I think that’s how its spelt), will be having a slight makeover with some familiar reptilian faces.

The technological advances in CGI in the 21 years it will be since Jurassic Park, could certainly make this a wise decision as long as the story and the cast are right. Despite it’s huge dinosaurs and breathtaking setting, the story was essentially about Alan Grant’s acceptance of children and possible parenthood, an alternative human interest story was always Spielberg’s strong point.

Let’s face it, Jaws was effectively about Brody’s fear of the water, add in  25 foot man eating Great White Shark and you have a blockbuster.

Spielberg apparently will only produce this time, so getting the right director will be paramount and given the carrot of Star Wars Episode VII is still on the table; they may have to move fast.

I’m sure I like many out there will certainly be hoping that Jurassic Park 4 doesn’t ruin one of my favourite childhood films.

P.S This better not turn out to be a hoax like the Wayne’s World 3 rumours!


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