Mesmerising Mary – American Mary Review


When a film comes along with a lot of hype, even if you don’t believe you kind of have expectations of what to expect when you watch it.

Safe to say any sort of illusions I had about American Mary were eradicated within the first 20 minutes, in this twisted rollercoaster which poses questions about modern society, the human body itself and this monstrously beautiful world of today.

It all starts out very innocently as Mary Mason, a medical student who is clearly a step up from your average ‘slasher’ (apparently slang for surgeon) is flat broke and needs money and is willing to go to extreme lengths to get it.

She answers an advert for girls looking for money with no sex involved, perfect right? Wrong, oh so wrong!

Mary is asked on a whim if she fancies doing some off the cuff surgery one night for $5000 straight up, which she accepts. Little does she know that by accepting this assignment she has opened the gates to a very twisted world.

She is headhunted by the doll-like Beatrice who asks her to make her friend Ruby ‘as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside’, I won’t go into detail what this involves but it isn’t pretty.

Having made a tidy sum of money from her first freelance venture Mary is asked to attend a party with other surgeons, but little does she know her world is set to be turned upside down.

After being raped by one of her lecturers the mood becomes very sinister, with Mary hellbent on revenge by any means necessary, lest we forget she is a surgeon….

Mary becomes the new face in body modification meeting some twisted people along the way.

Here we come back to the ‘beautiful monster’ motif, and despite Mary’s attitude becoming darker and darker by every frame you still feel that despite her spiral into this twisted society that she is by some degree still a victim here.

Did her rape send her over the edge or did it just awaken something inside of her which could go off at any time? It’s a really fascinating piece of cinema, with some the images certainly sticking with the viewers long after the end credits have rolled.

With horror seemingly going through its found footage phase at present, it was refreshing in many ways to tackle such an original if ugly idea.

Unlike films such as the Human Centipede which seem built around the shock factor, American Mary is proud of its scar and shows them off with pride.

The Directors Jan and Sylvia Soska aka the Twisted Sisters have created what could become a cult horror favourite of years to come.


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