JJ Abrams Journey’s To A Galaxy Far Far Away….


Breaking news tonight is JJ Abrams has been confirmed as the Director of Star Wars Episode VII.

The Star Trek helmer is currently hot property in Hollywood having had hits with TV Series’ Lost and recently concluded Fringe, as well as Cloverfield, Super 8, Star Trek and surely this summer’s Star Trek Into Darkness.

Coincidentally I was watching Abrams reboot of rival Star Trek last night, and as a non-Trekkie (is that spelt right?) I found the film interesting, action-packed, funny and most of all enjoyable.

Also with Super 8, which carried an almost Spielberg quality to it, with its warmth and alien elements Abram showed he can handle the genre with ease.

The Star Wars franchise has clearly been crying out for some heart and soul for a while given the almost robotic efforts of the prequels, albeit Revenge of the Sith did have its moments (mostly due to the superb Ian McDiarmid’s Palpatine/Darth Sidious in my humble opinion).

The film is set to be released in May 2015 under the wing of Disney, who acquired LucasFilm late last year in a multi-billion dollar deal.

Let’s just hope this isn’t another false rumour……


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