Retirement Homes Are Where The Heart Is


So finally this afternoon I was able to catch the new series from Ricky Gervais which has got people talking; Derek.

Set in a retirement home, Derek played by Gervais and his colleagues played by Karl Pilkington (Jack of all trades Dougie), David Earl (well he plays seedy Kev who just hangs out at the home) and Karry Godliman (Hannah the hard working head of the home), deal with every day issues at the home as well as their own lives.

I have to say after watching the first four episodes it certainly wasn’t what I was expecting, but so much more. Much like The Office we have the fly-on-the-wall element, which really does capture the heart of the entire piece.

Yes it is very funny in parts, sometimes unintentionally, but the emotion of the piece really shines through and gives us another wonderful bunch of eclectic characters to love.

It seems to have had a mixed reaction from the first few episodes with some thinking Gervais was mocking the retirement home setting and its workers and inhabitants, whereas certainly from my point of view this is far from what we’re watching.

We deal with life, death, but every time the human spirit shines through, which makes this one of the best shows on the box right now and up there with Gervais’ finest work.



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