Fight For Your Right To Reunite


As per usual I was late to the party regarding ITV’s The Big Reunion.

The show has proved a hit with nostalgic critics and fans hurtling towards the big 30 or over.

In a nutshell washed up 90’s bands Liberty X, 5ive, the Honeyz, Atomic Kitten and B*Witched are all reforming for another shot at the big time at the Big Reunion gig.

The shows producers have really tapped into something with their worts and all approach, showing the fallout of the pop star lifestyle of the decade dubbed ‘The Noughties’.

A member of 911 became an agrophobic (you know like Sheila from Shameless), one of 5ive had  a breakdown along with one of the twins from B*Witched, and of course we had Kerry Katona.

I suppose it goes to show excess doesn’t always come into play when you’re a rock star.

We’re also given a fascinating insight into the cut throat music business.

When you’re hot you’re scorching, but when the flames are doused the ashes are tossed away like a bag of rubbish.

The nostalgia factor has struck a chord with me, as I was a teenager in high school when these bands were all topping the charts regularly.

Whereas for so long the 80’s was seen as the retro guilty pleasure decade, it seems the90’s is now starting to get a similiar reputation The reunions of the Spice Girls for the Olympics and Steps certainly was the precursor for this show, and guaranteed many more will come out of the woodwork within the next few years.

Expect pop bands such as All Saints, Another Level, Eternal and maybe The Corrs (fingers crossed on that one) to take a bite of the cherry sooner rather than later.


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