Escape From The Remakes!


Today it has been announced that Joel Silver, who produced The Matrix, the Lethal Weapon series and Sherlock Holmes, is rebooting Escape from New York as a trilogy.

The John Carpenter classic from 1981 has been on the remake list for a long time, and it appears now after many false dawns that the green light will fall on a new Snake Plisken.

Plisken memorably portrayed by Kurt Russell with the iconic eye patch and bad attitude will feature in an origin story before the sequels look at the original film and beyond.

One thing should be duly noted from remaking John Carpenter films…..they’ve mostly been crap!

The Fog was woeful, Halloween was poor although Assault on Precinct 13 was decent without ever surpassing  the original.

It’s hard to conceive at this early stage how the Escape from New York reboot will work, and how it will surpass Russell, Lee Van Cleef, Ernest Borgnine and Donald Pleasance’s characters.

Anyway enough with the killjoy attitude, I will return with another moan I’m sure after the cast is announced.

Here’s the trailer from the original for the sentimentalists:



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