Mode Machine Mows Down All In Its Path



As avid readers of this blog will recall, I was very critical of the first single ‘Heaven’ released from Depeche Mode’s latest album Delta Machine.

To say I was nervous about listening to the new album is an understatement; nobody wants to hear the moment a great band suddenly becomes ordinary.

Luckily this isn’t the case as the album is certainly their best effort in some time, probably on par if not better than 2005’s Playing the Angel.

The PR in the lead up to the album had it somewhere between Violator and Songs of Faith and Devotion (my personal favourite), in tone and sound, and without sounding too much of a fanboy it is.

The Mode have honed their sound to a point where the production feels natural and effortless.

‘My Little Universe’, Personal Jesus-esque ‘Sooth My Soul’ and ‘Soft Touch/Raw Nerve’ are the Mode at their very brooding best.

‘Broken’ is a slick synth juggernaut, and ‘Goodbye’ is a fitting finale to a really fine album.

So Depeche Mode have proven that even with an arguably weak first single you can make something special.

Now tour the whole of the UK already!


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