You’re Next And You Wouldn’t Argue!



The horror film making all the right noises during this year’s festival circuit is Adam Wingard’s You’re Next.

Marketing of the film has been minimal at best so far, but over the last week or so things have ramped up with the poster above (one of a number released) and a full trailer debuting over the Easter weekend.

From the trailer it seems to be taking a similiar stance to The Strangers with its isolation theme, but beefing up the numbers who are seemingly being hunted by a group animal mask wearing assassins.

Comments so far have said it has elements of Halloween (1978 version) and also Die Hard, which seem a strange comparison but yet adds much intrigue to what the final product show us.

It’s scheduled for a late August release, but depending on reviews across the pond expect it to be bumped to headline in the UK around Halloween.

Let’s just hope the best bits aren’t in the trailer…..

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