The Greatest Show You’ve Never Seen!



With the influx of television and more specifically American comedies, sometimes the best ones get lost in the waves.

This is certainly the case with Arrested Development, which despite a stellar cast and critical praise galore; was cancelled in 2006 after three seasons.

But now due to public demand in the years since its last appearance six years prior, it was announced that the show will return later this month for a fourth season and possibly a movie further down the line.

The most impressive thing is that it has enticed all of its original cast back, of which Jason Bateman, Michael Cera, Will Arnett and David Cross.

It tells the story in an Office-esque way of the disfunctional Bluth family, who get into all kinds of scrapes after head of the family George Bluth Snr. is incarcerated, and in-fighting and hilarity ensues.

The show returns on NetFlix, and much like the recent Hemlock Grove and House of Cards, will premiere it’s entire series all in one go for subscribers to download and watch at their pleasure.

It’s a bold move, but Arrested Development has never done things by the book.

Here’s a clip from the new series:

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