Third Hack’s A Charm


As I am sure many of you who read my many musings on here know, I am fond of a good slasher film.

So that brings me to the new trailer for Hatchet 3, the third outing for modern day monster Victor Crowley, carved very much out of the Jason Voorhees mould.

Now you clearly know what you’re going to get with these sort of films, gory violence and a bit of humour along the way. The difference with the first two Hatchet films is as well as being a love letter to the gory 80’s slasher boom, they seem very self aware and actually have a bit of storyline to them.

Returning from Hatchet 2 is Halloween veteran Danielle Harris, as well as Kane Hodder once again as Crowley and Zach Gilligan of Gremlins fame as the town’s local Sheriff.

The series is the brainchild of self confessed horror fan Adam Green who has also given us the excellent Frozen as well as TV series Holliston.

Anyway here’s the latest trailer, safe to say Hatchet 3 knows its audience.


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