No Reservations About Bates Motel



Lately it seems that horror themed television shows are the new ‘in’ thing, and before you know it every US network has one to show off.

HBO has the returning True Blood, Fox has the recently concluded The Following, NBC has Hannibal and A&E has Bates Motel.

Having lost interest in True Blood over a very ropey fourth season, the jury still out on Hannibal, and The Following blowing hot and cold throughout its 15 episode run, I have found myself quietly impressed with Bates Motel.

Given it was from the writers of the excellent Friday Night Lights I was intrigued from the get-go, but having now watched the first five episodes it really has developed a solid mythology far detached from what I thought the general theme of the show would be.

When you first hear of a show called Bates Motel, you expect it to be a momma loving transvestite butchering people on a regular basis, but thus far the show has built the plots around the town Norman and Norma Bates have moved into.

Much in the way that Friday Night Lights built its foundations around a gold fish bowl like town, Bates Motel seems to be following the same blueprint much to its benefit thus far.

Ratings have been decent across the pond with the show already picked up for another season once its 10 episode debut concludes in a few weeks.

Bates Motel will be shown in the UK on the Universal Channel.

Here’s a trailer –


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