Jason’s Homecoming?


Coincidentally I was watching the Friday the 13th documentary ‘His Name Was Jason’ only last night, and found it strangely fitting that today Paramount have announced they have re-acquired the rights to the long running horror series.

Jason was last seen in 2009 in a reboot of the franchise; a film I have a soft spot for.

Rumours were rife that a sequel set in the winter at Crystal Lake was in the works but alas it never got off the ground much the same as the Nightmare On Elm Street reboot’s sequel, despite decent Box Office showings.

Paramount was the original studio which spawned 8 Friday the 13th films and a TV series which lasted 3 seasons throughout the 80’s, before New Line Cinema came along and bought the rights to the series in the early 90’s and thus set along the path which led to Freddy Vs Jason in 2003 with Jason Goes To Hell and Jason X.

According to the breaking news today, Paramount is co-producing Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar with Warner Bros, and asked for a number of things in return; one being the rights to Friday the 13th.

What executives will surely know right now is that horror is quite hot again certainly on the small screen with Hannibal, The Following and Bates Motel. Film wise we have had The Cabin In The Woods and You’re Next set to be the next big thing in the genre, so it would be ideal time to have another Friday film.

The rights are set to stay with Paramount for at least five years, so if developments are to be made on the franchise again it will happen sooner rather than later.


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