The Final Fall



I’m sure I am not alone in becoming totally engrossed in the hit new BBC2 series The Fall, which concludes tomorrow night.

Starring Gillian Anderson of X Files fame was enough to entice me to watch the show, having been a massive fan of the Chris Carter produced sci fi series in the 90’s.

What has impressed me a lot about the show, is the risk it seems to take in almost a Game Of Thrones manner, by putting each character potentially staring down the barrel of a gun so to speak at any point, making it very enthralling.

This was true in only the second episode when Detective James Olsen was brutally murdered outside his home, for getting too close to something corrupt inside the force itself.

Anderson portrays DSI Stella Gibson, a hard laced officer much in the same mould as Jackie Malton from Prime Suspect, but with noticeable flaws when it comes to the opposite sex, which make her more human and certainly added tainted depth to her character.

Then of course we have Dornan as Paul Spector, a maniacal murderer of women by night, and psychologist and family man by day.

Leading into the series finale, we are left wondering if Spector will be caught with Gibson in hot pursuit, and quite possibly in danger herself and the corruption stemming from Olsen’s death set to blow the Police force wide open.

With a second series already commissioned after excellent ratings (BBC2’s highest in 8 years for a drama), it will be interesting to see how the finale plays out and if we will get all the answers this time or have to wait until 2014 for them.

It’s refreshing to see the Beeb standing by a critically acclaimed show, unlike The Fades of BBC3 infamy, maybe the executives from the  studio are finally getting the message about what the viewers wanted rather than what they think they want.

Either way, The Fall has been a breath of fresh air, and has catapulted Anderson backing into the mainstream, which she had been cast away from for far too long.

The final episode of The Fall is on BBC2 at 9pm tomorrow night.


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