Stop The Press!


The brand new trailer for the second season of Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom has hit the web today.

Having worked with and alongside the journalism field for the past few years I found the show very compelling, quick witted and clever.

Set in a fictional news room of the ACN, we follow the trials and tribulations of Chief News Reader Will McAvoy and his editorial team, as they work through actual news events of the past few years and put their own unique spin on events.

Back in 2006 we saw behind the scenes of the bitchy lifestyle magazine in The Devil Wears Prada, quickly followed by Ugly Betty and suddenly the inside working of magazine journalism was hot property. Everyone wanted to see behind the mask if you will.

A personal favourite of mine was Courteney Cox’s shortlived series Dirt, where Cox basically played Gail Weathers from the Scream films to the back drop of Hollywood scandal. The show was cancelled shortly after the premiere of the second season and Cox jumped onto the Cougar Town bandwagon into the sunset.

The Newsroom has a unique set of characters which does set it apart from a lot of these shows, with most notably Jeff Daniels in one of his finest roles as McAvoy. The show also deals with how we receive news and the whole social media phenomenon and how it has affected broadcast journalism.

Multi-layered and the odd love stories thrown in, The Newsroom is Sorkin back on top form.

If you haven’t seen the show yet, the first season is out on 22nd July on DVD & Blu Ray HERE

So without further delay, here’s the trailer for Season 2:




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