Fan Of Steel



I know I may be completely jumping the gun here with my excitement for the new Superman incarnation ‘Man of Steel’.

Directed by Zack Snyder (Watchmen & 300), British actor Henry Cavill dons the red cape ten years after dodging the bullet that was Superman Returns.

With the weight of Producer Chris Nolan and Writer David S. Goyer behind it, the latest reboot to the series has been given an air of credibility following the hugely successful Dark Knight Trilogy.

Trailers have been impressive with only a sly nod to the S word. Clark Kent is given a very different backstory involving his exile to Earth after the death of his planet by the hands of chief villain General Zod (Michael Shannon).

After years in the wilderness Zod finds the location of Clark and sets about his mission his wipe out his race for good.

Much like the Batman series, Goyer it seems is attempting to ground the story in reality as much as possible, at least giving the more outrageous science fiction elements to the story clarity and meaning.

I must admit to being extremely skeptical of this film but the nearer it has come to the release date I have been seduced by the trailers and online marketing campaigns.

I just hope my faith in Mr S isn’t misplaced……


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