On The Sharknado Social

Sharknado_posterThe film on the lips of most Twitter users for better or worse at the moment is SyFy’s straight to TV special; Sharknado.

For its debut last Thursday it sent the social networking site into meltdown trending worldwide with an average of 5,000 tweets per minute; a truly incredible feat.

This really showcases the power of social media as the film debuted to over 1.4m viewers on its debut and broke this number handsomely when it was re-shown on Sunday.

It has created a buzz like no other for the SyFy channel, certainly since its 2009 rebranding and now a sequel is in the works.

Having watched the film earlier today, it is entertaining enough and flaunts its B-Movie stripes for all to see.

It will certainly fall into the so-bad-its-good category in time, but for now producers are riding the crest of wave created by fans having had zero marketing budget to push the film.

At this time surely other studios are taking note at how Sharknado used Twitter to promote its film and get people talking about it in a very grass roots way (in modern terms of course).

It won’t win any awards anytime soon but hey it was better than Jaws: The Revenge and its roaring sharks.


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