Feel The Need For Creed









The news broke over the last couple of days that a spin-off of the popular Rocky series is coming in the shape of ‘Creed’; the story of the grandson of former Rocky rival Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers).

Without seeing the full article about the announcement I must admit I was quite intrigued, as an origin story of the all conquering Creed would have definitely been something that if done well, could be quite entertaining.

Have Apollo struggle his way out of poverty and throw himself into boxing, maybe akin to Mike Tyson’s real life story with him robbing old women and boxing being his savior.

I must admit that the grandson angle the studio appear to be leaning on seems quite weak, and apparently Stallone chipping in as his ‘mentor’.

Friday Night Lights







Having said this the news that Michael B. Jordan may be playing the lead may be the film’s saving grace. Jordan was superb in Friday Night Lights and Parenthood, and could certainly handle the top line status this film could bring.

The Rocky seemed to have more of a natural end with 2006’s Rocky Balboa, more so than Rocky V; so to revisit that story would have been ludicrous.

I will reserve judgement on the project until further development, but as a fan of the Rocky series and more importantly boxing I just hope it does the characters justice….oh and has as good a soundtrack as Rocky IV!




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