Making The Right Headlines









I’m sure others like myself have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the new season of The Newsroom on HBO.

Although I was a huge fan of the Aaron Sorkin penned series already, I found after the first 3 episodes of the current run that the narratives and acting from the cast has certainly improved.

We have storylines to sink our teeth into, following the 2011 US presedential campaign through a broadcasters eyes as well as the mysterious ‘Project Genoa’. There are a couple of loose ends for the series to tidy up, but so far so good and it promises to get better and better.

The concept of the show did divide many viewers, even the avid Sorkin fans but having never really seen a show of his before I found the concept refreshing and intriguing.

Since the last season finished I have had the pleasure of watching the truly excellent Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip, also penned by Sorkin, and while The Newsroom is a completely different show it is another fascinating insight behind the lens if you will.


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