Time Has Come For Coven


Tonight the horror community will surely go into meltdown as the teaser trailer for the third season of American Horror Story has landed.

Entitled American Horror Story: Coven, the story will centre around a new set of characters, a coven of witches and voodoo.

Jessica Lange will return again as the head witch with Sarah Poulson as her daughter, and also the notable quip of the excellent Gabory Sidibe in a supporting role alongside regular Evan Peters and the returning Denis O’Hare.

Each series of American Horror Story has focussed on a totally unconnected story with the first series being more a haunted house motif, and the second series entitled Asylum focussing on a mental asylum with many secrets.

Unfortunately not returning at this stage are Zachary Quinto and Dylan McDermott, but hopefully series creator Ryan Murphy can talk them into at least cameoing throughout.

Here’s the trailer for American Horror Story: Coven:

Quite typically it doesn’t give much away, American Horror Story: Coven starts in the US on Wednesday 9th October on Fox.



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