The Best Treat Of All



When it comes to the entertainment industry timing is key; and a case of perfect timing is Legendary Film’s announcement at a special panel only 2 days ago that a sequel to cult horror Trick ‘R’ Treat was now in the works.

This of course sent the attending crowd in raptures and practically exploded my Facebook feed and I’m sure many other horror fans’.

After a 2 year delay to its release Trick ‘R’ Treat finally saw the light of the day in 2009, and instantly became a cult classic. It harked back to the very roots of All Hallows Eve and twisted the ‘rules’ of Halloween into modern day stories which were all connected in some twisted way.

And of course the iconic Sam, the true spirit of Halloween.

It has been compared to Stephen King’s Creepshow, but I find Trick ‘R’ Treat a much more fun movie, which some genuinely memorable characters and iconography; I think I read one critic put it as the second best movie about Halloween and we all know what comes first…..

Now it’s over to writer/Director Michael Dougherty to come up with the goods for a second time, in what yet could prove to be the next big horror franchise.

Here’s the Trick ‘R’ Treat Q&A panel where the sequel was announced:


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