How To Reveal Your Dragon; Hobbit style!


Clear the skies, Smaug is ready for take off!

Yes that’s right, today Air New Zealand gave us our first glimpse of the scale of the big bad, fiery one in the second chapter of the Hobbit series on the side of one of its planes!

The gigantic dragon was unveiled at a press conference earlier, and will certain ramp up the publicity machine for the highly anticipated Desolation of Smaug which hits UK shores on Friday 13th December.

Continuing the story from An Unexpected Journey, Bilbo and the Elves must battle giant spiders and of course Smaug (Benedict Cumberbatch’s rasp) himself, awoken from his slumber in the last reel of the first film.

Add to this Gandalf’s battle with the mysterious Necromancer (also voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch) and this could be the Winter blockbuster we have all been hoping for.

Here’s a video of the launch of Smaug airlines:



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