Longing for a Return…..


Continuing on the theme of shows I missed in 2013 I was also fortunate to catch the French drama series The Returned a couple of weeks ago.

Billed as a ‘mini series’ the subtitled show was based on a film of the same name, and told the story of a small rural town which has a number of its dead residents return from the grave.

Now I’m reading this you’re thinking ‘Zombies! Brains!’ but it is in fact completely the opposite and played very straight, with the town in an almost Twin Peaks-way part of the entire mystery behind the ‘returned’.

Each episode from the outset tells the story of one of eight characters who are all mysteriously intertwined in ways some don’t even know. It is often a slow burner, but at the drop of a hat there are moments that truly grip you.

The Returned or Les Revenants to give it its proper title was the only show I read to feature on every ‘Must See Show List’ on my previous blog, which speaks volumes for its widespread appeal.

Fortunately Channel 4 has again won the rights to show the Second Series  later this year with shooting beginning in the Spring.

So if you prefer something a bit more intellectual than The Walking Dead, check out the Returned now and see what all the fuss is about.


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