My Mad Fat Favourite Show


Hello and welcome back folks, apologises for the lack of blogs over past few weeks.

During the end of each year it is almost tradition now for website upon website upon blog even to post the ‘Top 10 shows of 2013’ articles, of which I read many.

So with some time off I spent some of it watching shows I had ‘missed the boat’ on during the year but we’re short enough to catch up on quite quickly.

One of these shows was the E4 coming of age drama ‘My Mad Fat Diary’.

It tells the story of Rae a 16 year old girl from Lincolnshire who is being released from a mental institution and has to integrate herself seamless or not so seamless back into society.

Set in the nineties the show has a truly excellent soundtrack featuring some great Britpop which certainly makes you feel nostalgic if you were growing up in that era, like me.

The second series is due to start next month, so if you have 3 hours or so free check out the first series on DVD or on 4OD.

You won’t be disappointed, now where did I put my glowsticks and baggy jeans?


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